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What is aa backlink

A backlink is a trail of links that goes to your site. When a blog writer writes you're a link referring to your domain or page, he creates a backlink.

Importance of backlink

A backlink is an important tool in ranking your site for the target keyword. A site with multiple and high-quality backing indicates the site quality. Google and another search engine actively use these criteria in which site to rank and which to not.

What is PuppySEO backlink generator

The PuppySEO backlink generator is a tool to generate high-quality backlinks to your domain.

How  PuppySEO backlink generator works

Many sites for example Moz, page authority audit sites. During such, they keep a copy of the result to their own database as links.  PuppySEO backlink generator usage this as a tool to generate backlinks to your site. Since these are highly reputable sites, the backlink is created with high quality also.

Just try it and see which sites you are getting a link from.

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