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About Meta Tag Generator

What is a meta-tag 

Meta tags are small tags/sign-boards that help the search engine crawler to tell what this site is about or the post is about.

Benefits of using meta tags

Search engine spiders and crawlers are automated programs. They often misjudge the article based on the content. This results in poor ranking. A good meta tag tells the spider about what the article is. It helps crawler in fast indexing your site and better search availability.

What is PuppySEO Meta-tag generator


PuppySEO Meta-tag generator is a tool to easily create meta-tags. In PuppySEO Meta-tag generator small easy to interpret slots are given which you need to fill. Once filed it generates the meta-tag that you can apply on your site or pages/post.

How to add meta-tags to own site or post


There are numerous plugins available in the market. These are free to use the tool. You just need to fill in the generated meta-tags there. (Meta-tag inserter)