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What are meta tags?

Meta tags are small pieces of information a site use to tell the search engines and visitors about your page and the content it contains. Meta tags comprise:

  • Title tags: it is the title of your page, it should be unique for every page/post you publish
  • Meta description: a description of what the post is about
  • Viewport tag: how content appears on tablets/mobile/mini devices
  • Robots: “noindex” or a “nofollow” instructions for robots where they should index or not.
  • Hreflang tags: tells the search engine bots about the language and country for whom the page/post is made
  • Canonical tags: Wether the page is the main version or alternate versions available
  • Open graph tags: it specifies the assets which will show up in title and image when link is shared on the social media
  • Content type: type of post like: article, advertisement, portfolio, resume etc

Meta tags have varying levels of importance for brands based upon the type of content being produced and how you want the material indexed. Given that meta tags are pieces of code, it is generally recommended that you do not include tags that you do not need but that any tags that are important for your goals should not be neglected.

Are meta tags important?

Meta tags do posses importance because they guide the search bots on type of site content and posts. This helps the boats in easy keyword estimation. As a result, the site ranks fast. It impacts the way the site appears in the SERPs and how many people will be inclined to click through to your website. They further impact traffic and engagement, which can impact your SEO and rankings. Meta tags are an integral part of a solid SEO strategy. Although some tags like meta descriptions may not impact on rankings directly, they do impact how the site appears on the internet. Furthermore, they can improve non-traditional search results, like Knowledge Graph,  image search, voice, and more. Every professional site owner and developer should implement meta tags for best site performance.

How do I use meta tags?

If you use WordPress, there are many plugins that may help you in setting meta tags. Yoast SEO, Schema pro, etc are few among these.

You can install the plugin. Once installed and activated, these plugins will create custom fields in the post field. Fill in these fields and your meta tag will be ready.

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