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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker online

What is plagiarism

Plagiarism/duplicate content is intentionally copying someone else's content for its own purpose. For example, a person needs an article on how to make money online. He goes to the internet and searches for the same. Now, he finds some lucrative articles and copies the same to own notes. This is duplicate content.

What is the penalty for duplicate content by Google

There is no penalty for plagiarised or duplicate content Google and other search engines are smart enough to detect the duplicate content on the web. They consider it as thin content. Thin content is content that offers no added value to the reader. Google does not promote thin content. As a result, your article will not rank in the search engine.

How can we detect plagiarism

Here I give you a tool to check content for plagiarism. Here you need to copy your text and put it into the field. We will check it for you and highlight the content which matches other published articles.

Is PuppySEO duplicate content checker free

The PuppySEO plagiarism checker is free to use. In case you are happy with our service you may donate to our team via PayPal at amit 4060n @ gmail . com. 

How to convert detected plagiarism to the original content

Once you find the sentence which is non-original or matches with something online, you can rephrase its own sentence. For example, "Ram goes to the market"; it is a very common sentence that is used in grammar learning. Here, instead of using the common word Ram, you can use any other name. As other option, you can change the market with mall and other similar sentences. Changing the tense of the sentence also reduces the extent of plagiarism. So, you can try a mix of all these recommendations to get original content.

Still showing plagiarised

Yes, this is common when you write content that is a popular one. In such cases remember a small amount below 15% can be ignored and can be taken as genuine content. If you are still doubtful, remember

Content is the biggest game changer. If vistors like your content more than others, it will rank. 

How to use these tools

Book mark this page in your browser. Whenever you need to check the plagiarism, just copy your content, and put it in the search field. For any queries feel free to contact me on the contact us page.

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